Environmental Plan

Stay at a Resort that’s had an Active Environmental Program for the Past 50 Years & Big Plans for the Future!

We are pleased to announce our newly acquired 4 Green Key rating through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program. A 4-Key rating demonstrates that the Nottawasaga Resort has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through its wide-ranging policies and practices. The hotel has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, guests and the public and which have shown substantial and measureable results.

We are also pleased to announce that we are the proud recipient of the 2016 Energy Into Action Innovation Award for Commercial Properties.

Our active environmental program includes:


  • The air conditioning system utilizes variable speed control technology to regulate the air temperature throughout the resort. The chiller fan speed is automatically adjusted based on the demands of day and the season, leading to a significant reduction in our energy consumption.

  • Implementation of regular waste audits and reduction work plans to lower landfill waste through recycling and composting. Currently, we divert 67% of our waste from reaching the landfill with plans to exceed this in the coming year.

  • To offset carbon emissions we have relocated 1,500 local trees to our grounds, planted over 14,000 trees and shrubs in our surrounding communities and to date, have planted over 43,000 new trees in the New Tecumseth area in partnership with Conservation Ontario.

  • We have replaced 90% of the resort's lighting with LED energy efficient bulbs. These new bulbs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, fewer watts, produce less heat, and output more light.

  • Conservation of energy is further achieved through the installation of inaugural thermostat systems in each of the guest rooms that were custom designed and built with state of the art motion sensors that can detect when rooms are unoccupied and will adjust temperatures accordingly to save energy when not in use.
  • High efficiency dryers equipped with the latest technology of intuitive drying cycles that senses moisture in fabrics.  This allows for a shorter drying time while using less gas and electricity.

  • Our waste reduction policies and recycling programs include paints, plastics, metal, glass, paper, paper, cardboard, batteries and light bulbs in order to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfills.

  • Our water conservation efforts include the use of low-flush toilets, showerhead and faucet aerators throughout the entire resort.

  • We are committed to reducing paper consumption throughout the organization and changing over the existing supplies to recycled and FSC sources whenever possible.

  • In order to further reduce waste recycling bins are available in all our guest rooms.

  • Guest rooms are equipped with natural toiletries lines such as Truterra and Pharmacopia who take pride in using natural and clean ingredients such as lemongrass and essential oils.

Kitchen & Dining

  • A 50% energy reduction within our kitchens has been accomplished through the use of a system which monitors and controls the exhaust fans during cooking, determines the amount of ventilation required and maintains a constant and consistent kitchen temperature through variable speed drivers and temperature sensors.

  • Kitchen produce, peelings, deep fryer shortening and discarded food scrapings are collected and converted into secondary fuels.

  • The outdoor pool has heat plate exchangers that harness the heat created by our refridgeration equipment. The heat exchanger circulates and warms the water within the pool and cools the equipment in our kitchens; greatly reducing our energy consumption.
  • In order to further reduce waste takeout containers and cutlery have been replaced with biodegradable options.

  • In keeping with our green philosophy we promote the use of local food sources. Ensuring that many of the menu items included are locally grown produce & farm raised products supporting local growers and reducing our impact on the environment.

  • Our culinary team grows fresh herbs and produce in the garden each summer.
  • Installation of Energy star efficient dishwashing machines has resulted in 30% less energy and water consumption as well as a reduction in soap usage. 

  • In an effort to further reduce our carbon footprint we have put a policy in place in our dining rooms to make straws are available by request only.

Other Areas

  • Further lighting upgrades include moving our Jungle Quest Mini-Golf course from 50 watt halogen bulbs to 7 watt LEDs.

  • High efficiency bulbs have also been installed within the arena, reducing our draw on the energy grid and energy consumption by 50%

  • The installation of R-60 insulation in the ceiling and R-40 in the walls of the arena, created significant energy savings in a world where R-20 & R-12 is standard.

  • Throughout the golf season we recycle tertiary treated effluent from our own private sewage treatment plant onto the course; reducing the amount of water needed from the river for irrigation.

  • High efficiency dryers with an intuitive drying cycle that senses moisture in fabrics.  This allows for a shorter drying time while using less gas and electricity.

For more information about the Green Key rating system visit: www.greenkeyglobal.com.

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